What Should I Know About Food Production and Preservation?

08 Mar

Since we all eat food and we all are susceptible to the same kinds of illnesses that come from food, it actually is quite important for us to care about where our food comes from. Food safety is very important. After all, anyone that wants to be healthy and happy really should be aware of the foods that we put into our body, including what it is, where it has come from, how safe it is to eat, and how it was produced. In the past, we have seen many, many food related illness outbreaks that have affected a lot of different people. These are mostly due to the fact that a lot of the foods that we eat are mass-produced and the care that is necessary to 100% avoid these types of instances isn't always there.

For anyone that is interested in outdoorsy trips or surviving in the wilderness, understanding where the food that you bring with you has come from is an important part of the entire preparation process. You have to know where the food has come from in order to know how to care for it once you get it, but also to know if it is even safe to eat. People can become very sick once they eat food that has not been handled the right way, so knowing more about food preparation and production is a good idea before you take on a big trip in the wild. You'll also want to have sizeable Emergency Water/Food Supply for such trips.

A lot of people agree that smaller producers are going to be more likely to have food options that are safer to eat because they produce smaller amounts at a time, which leads to more care and attention being placed upon each product. In large production facilities, that care is not able to be placed as securely on each food product because there are just so many and the goal is to make as much as possible in as little time as possible. For this reason, a lot of people feel that smaller-production facilities, such as a local farm, may be a better bet when it comes to getting your food safely prepared, packaged, and handled all the time. Also, you'll want to have Hunting and Self-Defense knowledge when going on outdoor trips for extended periods of time.

You shouldn't find that it is too hard to figure out where the food that you have bought or want to buy comes from. If this is a difficult task, it probably means that the production company or the market you are buying it from doesn't want you to know! When you are preparing for a survival trip in the wild, having food that will last the trip with you can be extremely important. Food safety is something that we should all pay attention to, especially before a big excursion where we will need to rely on food for energy. If you want to store food effectively, here are some handy tips for you to follow: https://youtu.be/e8hlfTv_ULQ 

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