How Can I Learn More About Where My Food Comes From?

08 Mar

Food safety is something that we should all care about because we all need food to survive. When we start to care more about our health and the things that we put into our body, we start to realize just how important food safety really can be. There have been a lot of food related outbreaks that have resulted in very sick people that we are all aware of, but these types of situations don't happen without cause. When you buy your food directly from the producer, you can minimize some of the risk. Family farms are great for people that want to get their meat, dairy, or produce from a local source. Typically, smaller producers are going to be willing to put more care into their food safety and preparation, but they also work with less quantity overall which reduces the risk.

There are a lot of different ways in which a food may end up becoming unsafe, but it really depends on the type of food. Sometimes, foods may be exposed to different things from production, packaging, or general handling. Some food production places also use different stores of additives and preserves within the food that can affect the overall quality of the food and the way in which it tastes or even feels to the people that may end up buying it. Production needs to be aware of how all of these things can impact the food that they are handling in order to lessen the amount of negative affects that they may have.

One large reason why food outbreaks can become a very big problem is that supermarkets typically buy produce in massive amounts at once, which means that the producers are trying to get as many as possible made and ready to go within a short amount of time. In almost any industry, this isn't the best idea because it causes people to want to cut corners to make it go faster and make it easier. This is why it is important to pay attention to where you are getting your produce and meats from, as well as dairy products, because these can all become easily contaminated due to the mass-production techniques that are commonly used. You may want Alternative Energy sources for these.

It is easy to find out how local producers may care for and safely package their foods if you ask, but it may be harder to determine this from larger chain stores that you may commonly buy your food from. It is always worth asking! If you plan to use food for a trip or survival, it is important to make sure that the food that you are using is safe and will last a long time. Such produce can also be useful in Camping and Shelter situations. Also, here is a short video on proper food preservation: 

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